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I am an artist and photographer. I capture raw authentic moments of you, your loved ones, and all the beauty that is in that. Simple. True. Beauty.

My story is very much one of self-discovery and working to find a way to follow my heart. I have always had a love for art and expressing myself in that way. Whether it was dancing, drawing, or painting I can always remember loving these things. While in college I studied and earned my degree in Art. After graduating I found a job as an art teacher at a daycare. I had worked with children for years and it seemed right in line with what I could do. It was great while it lasted but I soon outgrew my position and fell into more of a management role. After a few years, I realized this wasn't for me and I needed to change it, I just wasn't sure what I was going to do. I left, I traveled, I came home, picked up a nannying job, and began to practice my craft with a camera.

I was hooked. I wanted to learn everything, I practiced always, I took classes, I took photos for friends, family, and of course for myself. These years were tough but so incredibly rewarding. I was scraping by but following my heart. I started to dig deeper. I loved how I could use photography as my voice, I felt I finally had a voice. In July of 2017, I was enrolled in a workshop where my assignment was to "shoot your last session ever". I decided I wanted to do something other than a family session. I wanted to do something that truly inspired me. So I thought outside the box and a did photo session with a dear friend of mine who is a complete inspiration to me. It was amazing. I had realized then, that empowerment sessions for women would be what I would offer and it made my entire heart excited.

It dawned on me then, that what kept me going on my journey was seeing, hearing, and reading about other women who have cut through society's guidelines of what they should do and paved their own way in life. I realized how these stories helped pass on a flame of empowerment to me. It became clear to me that my passion was to help share these stories through art.

In this day in age, I feel we, as women, have a lot to say. I also think we should be bold in saying it. We are strong, independent, capable, intelligent, determined, and unbelievably beautiful warriors. I want to show that, I want to share that, I want to pass that empowerment on to the next woman so she can say "heck ya, I can do that too". This is where my passion began and why I am here today.

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