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Ashley Hogan: Story Teller and Intuitive Coach

I am lucky enough to have met Ashley a few years back while working together in a daycare. I noticed then that she is a special person that shines brilliantly from the very depth of her soul. Her compassion and love for the children was seen in all of her interactions. Like many wonderful educators in childcare she moved on after some time to find her true path. I have followed along in her journey since then through her writing. She speaks the raw truth about life and living; you immediately sink into her words like a child sinking into their mother’s arms for comfort. Her writing is real, it's true, and it so familiar. Her words describe what I know and have felt, articulated so perfectly! At least that has been my journey while reading her writing—as if she is tapping into my soul and speaking only to me.

When starting this session, I asked asked Ashley to just chill out and tell me her story. My favorite thing she said was when I asked her how she started. She told me,

"Kids come into this world perfect and already loving themselves. As adults we disconnect from this. If I was going to support women with this, I was going to learn to love myself that way."

YES. Of course!! Yes, to everything about this! Why, as adults do we have trouble loving ourselves if that love is planted in us from the very beginning? Ashley is now an Intuitive Coach helping others find there own path through self love. She is stunning from the inside out, and my hope was to capture that glow in these images. Check them out by clicking the image above and visit her website to learn a bit more about her and her journey.

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