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Arline: Mother, Political Activist, and Inspiration

You know those people you meet for the first time and immediately, you see, they are going to be incredibly beautiful both inside and out?? Yea, that is what happened when I met Arline. I was telling a friend of mine (who happened to do this amazing tattoo) about some of my Empowerment Sessions and asked if he knew anyone who might be interested. Before I could finish telling him about it he was sending Arline a message, and I am ever so grateful he did.

When she arrived I told her more about my vision about creating sessions that both held space for the model to be themselves and also portray all their inner and outer strengths and beauty. I knew nothing about her, nor she of me but I feel it was an instant click. To start off Arline shared a bit of her story with me.

She is working her way into politics, and a big HECK YEA for that. We totally need more females in politics!! She does have previously experience working on campaigns, which is what sparked her interest to get involved city government. With dedication and hard work she is now making a name for herself in the city where she, both grew up and, currently lives in. She is doing this on top of a full time job, volunteering on CDC board, dancing on a salsa team and being a mother (also full time, because you can't take days off from that, am I right). She's killing it! She also told me that much of this success couldn't be possible without finding inner peace and growing through that.

We all have struggles and there comes a point when we know we need to make a change. These are our stories, and the great thing about stories, is that at any time we have the power to rewrite them. This is what happened for her. She had gone through some serious hard times in her life and there came a MOMENT where she declared that she would no longer live like that. She believes in working from the inside out because without having strong self love and truly believing in yourself, you just will not be able to fully make that change. Growth starts at the roots so doesn't it make sense that when we are growing mentally and emotionally we must look deep within ourselves to grow again?

One of the reasons she got this beautiful tattoo was once she decided to make the change in her life she wanted a fresh start. She had had enough and was going to change her story. The Japanese Dragon symbolizes strengthen wisdom and guardianship, with this she made a symbol of the new her. This was her fresh start, this was her rewritten story, this is her strength, her courage, her empowerment.

I am so grateful to have met Arline, get to know her, and share a bit about her story. This is what I love, what I find so powerful, and what I want to share with the world. Spread empowerment, spread self love, spread positive vibes. It raises all our vibrations and it freaking ROCKS!

Click the photo above to view all the images from our Empowerment Session. You will be glad you did.

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