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Faye: Yoga Instructor and Holistic Weight Loss Coordinator/Coach

To say it was amazing to reconnect with this childhood friend is an understatement. She embodies so much light, love, and positivity that it had me laughing and smiling throughout the whole session. She is one of those people who holds so much strength in her being yet has a soft kindness that emulates outward. I hope you will be able to see that here.

Like so many of us, after high school Faye moved down to Florida with her mom. For a lack of a better term, she had no direction. She took up many jobs and bounced around until a relationship moved her to the Cayman Islands. It was there that she decided to take a teacher training yoga course that changed her forever. Not only here was she ale to find the goddess inside her, she was able to teach what she loved. During this journey she also realized that her very body was a vessel and she loved that vessel. This brought her interest to studying nutrition and holistic approaches to living. Once she saw the power of both these practices combined she knew it would be her mission to help guide others on this path.

As always with there sessions I start off by asking the model some questions. One being, what makes you feel empowered as a women? Her response couldn’t be more perfect:

“Using my voice to change and uplift lives-especially other women, and knowing that I can lift other women up rather than compare, judge, to belittle them.”

It is hard, in a word that is constantly shoving images and thoughts in your face daily. We must navigate and sort though it all while still holding on to our own truth. But, it is so refreshing to see role models such as Faye spreading such authentic love and support. To be able to stand up and say I won’t be compared because who I am is good enough and I love who I am is brave and freaking AWESOME. We need more of that.This is a difficult thing to do, but she has done it, and is spreading the movement. I dig it.

When I asked Faye what she’d like to share with other women it was this:

“Find your voice, your inner fire, your strength. Study it. Learn it. Believe in it. Be confident in every phase of your life. Learn to always be present with yourself and never allow the world and your experiences make you hard. Stay soft.”

Yes!! To this, to ALL of this!

Isn’t amazing how the path of “no direction” is the exact path you should be taking. Life is about trial and error, learning, living and growing. That is what it takes to make it and that is why I love sharing these stories. We all have the choice live, let life flow, and follow our own path. Wherever it may lead us, even if that path is in “no direct”.

Thank you Faye for sharing your story with us.

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